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Brave abuse victim shares her inspirational story


TTTP has helped hundreds of brave abuse victims share their story.  The feedback we receive from those who are going through a similar situation is often inspirational.  Recently we helped Natalie, the victim of historic sex crimes, share her story with Bella Magazine.

When Natalie Jones got in touch about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her uncle, we knew we could help her raise awareness for other victims of sex crimes by sharing her inspirational story.

The 24-year-old was just five-years-old when her beloved uncle Jason France, then 27, started molesting her. He was her mum’s younger brother and charmed everyone who met him. But there behind closed doors he was a dangerous sex offender who subjected Natalie to a campaign of sexual abuse that lasted for seven years.

Shockingly, France would carry out his vile abuse right under Natalie’s mother’s nose. Like most abusers, he told her that it was their ‘little secret’ and told her she’d be taken away from her family should she ever tell anyone. Heartbreakingly, Natalie lived in fear for most of her precious childhood years.

For years, Natalie lived in fear and stayed quiet about her depraved uncle’s vile behaviour. But in 2010, a police officer knocked on her door and explained how Frances was being investigated over historic sex crimes against three other girls. They asked her if he’d ever abused her and when she replied he had, they took a statement and asked her to testify in court.

Brave Natalie decided to go through with her statement in order to get justice. The trial was held at Newport Crown Court in June 2011 and France, now 39, changed his plea to guilty on all counts at the last minute. Fortunately, Natalie didn’t have to relive her ordeal by giving evidence in court.

He was sentenced to five and a half years for eight charges of indecent assault on four girls. Although Natalie feels no sentence can ever be long enough, she can finally move on now her abuser is behind bars.

She says: “My uncle may have stolen my childhood but I’m determined he won’t ruin the rest of my life.”

TTTP secured Natalie an exclusive deal with women’s magazine Bella. We’ve since negotiated a second rights deal in another women’s magazine for her. ITV’s This Morning have also been in touch and expressed interest in having her on the show.


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