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Dying armpit hair – the new trend?

Paisley’s been grooming her underarm hair and even dyed it pink to demonstrate her solidarity with the A-lister. This week Paisley appears in Pick Me Up where she speaks candidly about her furry pink pits and how men have responded to her since she decided not only to embrace, but celebrate, her body hair.

Extreme career change!

Have you got an unusual career or have changed your life dramatically with an extreme career change? We love to hear from people who have dramatically changed their careers! Most of us always talk about doing it but very few people have the guts to drop their steady jobs and just go for it!  If […]

IVF egg donor helped other couples have five children!

Have you helped childless couples have children? Either through surrogacy or egg donation? Kelly Parsons shares her amazing IVF egg donor story with The Sun… When Kelly Parsons got in touch with her incredible story we knew a paper would love to hear from her. After suffering three miscarriages Kelly was inspired to help other […]

The world’s most dedicated superfan?

Are you the world’s best superfan? Read about Rihanna’s No.1 fan who tells how she spent 2k covering her body in Rihanna tattoos? When Sarah Ridge contacted us with her story, we knew a newspaper would want to share her story. The 23-year-old Rihanna ‘superfan’ has gone to extreme lengths to show her love for […]

Whirlwind romances can last, we are the living proof!

Last week Cameron Diaz married her boyfriend of eight months, Benji Madden, and six months before Cheryl Cole married Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini after a whirlwind romance. So when Tina Challenor told us she’s celebrating her 20th anniversary with hubby David after randomly meeting back in 1993, we knew a newspaper would be interested in hearing her story that […]

When Outdoor Sex goes Wrong!

TTTP client tells the Sunday Mirror how some cheeky outdoor sex in the US nearly cost him his life, and the shirt on his back… When Peter Cousins and his girlfriend spotted a natural spring during their travels through the US desert they decided it was the perfect romantic spot. But for the 55-year-old it […]

Comparing Weddings… we all do it!

Comparing weddings…  we all do it!  See Talk to the Press’ latest article in The Sun, where we speak to three generations of women from one family who have been comparing weddings and how they’ve changed over the years.