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Doctors Fail to Spot Cancer… Over 50 Times

Doctors Fail to Spot Cancer… Over 50 Times. TTTP client speaks to the Sunday Mirror about her 29-year-old sister who died after GPs missed her cancer. Diana Guerra was just 18 when her 29-year-old sister Luisa started complaining of extreme back pain. After numerous trips to the GP she was told there was nothing wrong with her and was advised to take Paracetemol for the pain. When she started suffering from irregular bleeding and excruciating headaches, GPs at City Way surgery in Rochester, Kent, told her she was ‘stressed’.

Inspirational Cancer Victim

We help inspirational cancer victim share her story with the Sunday Mirror about how she self-diagnosed her illness after GPs told her she was suffering from anxiety. When dancer Jaclyn Lauder, 27, got in touch with us we couldn’t believe her story. She visited her GP in September 2012 complaining of itchy skin and excessive […]

If you’re making headlines, when is the right time to talk to the press?

paparazzi photographers

  Yesterday, we were contacted by an individual who is the lady that a major celebrity left his pregnant wife (another major celebrity) for. Let’s call them Celebrity A and Celebrity B. It sounds like a story that everyone would be interested in – the problem is, the events happened ten years ago. Celebrity A and Celebrity […]

TTTP client shares her story with the Sunday Times

 TWO years ago, mum-of-four Collette Elliott took legal action against Birmingham City Council for failing to take her into full-time care when she was a child. Despite being known to social services as ‘at risk’ from just two months old, Collette was left in her mother’s care. But instead of protecting her vulnerable daughter, Maureen Batchelor, an alleged prostitute, […]

TTTP helps homeless singer Robbie Hance share his X-Factor story

Ever since he first appeared on the X- Factor, homeless singer Robbie Hance has found himself making news headlines. Not only did he wow the judges with his first audition, he then went missing and finally didn’t make it through to the judges houses stage. Robbie got in touch with us after leaving the show last […]

Struck down by a horrific flesh eating bug – thanks to a paper cut

Diana Spiers got in touch with us as she wanted to raise awareness after being struck down with a horrific flesh eating bug which almost killed her – thanks to a paper cut. This week Diana’s shocking story appears in Full House magazine, where she tells how she is still recovering after the gruesome infection, […]

7 7 terrorist attack survivor shares her story with The Sun

Earlier this month Beverli Rhodes, 52, a survivor of the 7/7 bombings, spoke exclusively to The Sun about how she’s developed physic abilities since staring death in the face seven years ago. Beverli, a consultant who used to specialise in counter-terrorism, developed these ‘special powers’ three years after her horrific ordeal. At first Bev was […]

Faceless murderers killed my son – Sun on Sunday newspaper

Martine Margolis got in touch with us as she wanted to raise awareness of the growing number of ‘suicide websites’ on the internet after her son Daniel took his own life last year after viewing them. This weekend Martine’s heartbreaking story appeared in the Sun on Sunday, where she told how she wants the sick […]