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Dad Stabbed Mum to Death

Sonnya Newton

Dad Stabbed Mum to Death: Talk to the Press client speaks exclusively to the Sunday People about her tragic upbringing after her father murdered her mother and then went onto kill again.

Most girls depend on their fathers but for Sonnya Newton, 28, from London, not only was Philip Fraser a rubbish dad – but he savagely murdered her mum, Kathryn Scaife, 29, from Liverpool, in their kitchen while Sonnya, aged 11, was outside playing in the garden.

After spending 11 years in prison, Fraser was released months later fell into another relationship with Donna Forrest, 30. Knowing how dangerous her father was, Sonnya begged Donna not to date her monster of a father, but Donna ignored her. In a story that made national news, just two years later in 2010 Fraser battered Donna with a hammer and stabbed her to death after catching her in bed with another man – he inflicted seven hammer blows and 15 stab wounds.

Now Fraser, who admitted murder, will serve at least 20 years behind bars being convicted of murder at High Court in Edinburgh. This weekend, Sonnya appeared in the Sunday People where she spoke candidly about the having to grow up with the legacy of having a murderer for a father.

She believes her father was a dangerous man who should never have been released from prison so he could go on to kill. Every time she looks in the mirror she sees her father and is reminded of the brutal death of her mother. She said: ‘He is a monster, I’m ashamed to be his daughter. I want him to stay behind bars until he dies. I had a really rough patch for a while where I turned to drink, but I have a family now and I’m doing really well. I won’t let that monster ruin another life.’

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