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Don’t miss our story in this month’s Glamour magazine

Often, we are asked to find people to take part in features for newspapers and magazines, and this month you can see five pregnant ladies who jumped at the chance to appear in the glossy magazine Glamour.

The question of  when to have a baby is one that plagues most women at some point in their life. We spoke to 17-year-old Sophie Loveday, Carly Holmes, 23, Kirsten Neal, 31, 37-year-old Samantha Watkins-McRae and finally Philippa Sawyer, 43, as they excitedly prepared to welcome their little ones into the world.

Each had a different reason for thinking their age was a perfect time to have a baby – for Kirsten it was because she’d finally got over her fear of childbirth, for Philippa it was because she had already travelled the world and was ready to settle down, and Samantha had reached a point in her career where she could afford to take a break. For our teen Sophie, starting early meant she would have huge support from her family and for Carly, who has been working since she left school, having a baby at 23 means she has the benefits of being a young mum full of energy.

The women all enjoyed getting to know each other during a fab photoshoot in London where they got glammed up and proudly showed off their growing bumps! We wish them all the best for when the babies arrive.

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