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Last month our story appeared front page of The Sunday Mirror re Corrie fav Beverley Callard’s secret grandchild.

We represented mum-two Laura Cross, 34, who had a child with Beverly’s stepson Jon McEwan, 27, a recording studio manager.

Laura, from Manchester, fell pregnant after meeting Jon on Tinder in February 2015. The pair enjoyed a one night fling together but Laura fell pregnant.

Despite the shock of discovering she was pregnant, Laura decided to keep the baby – describing the pregnancy as a ‘miracle’.

Up until that point, she had believed she was infertile so she was delighted when she found out she was going to be a mum for the second time.

However, she claims Jon did not share her enthusiasm and bombarded her with ‘abusive messages’ following the news.

According to Laura, Jon refused to accept he was the father and demanded a DNA test.

However, the DNA test revealed he was the biological father to daughter Harrie, now 11 months old.

Laura’s story appeared front page of The Sunday Mirror last month and we’ve since secured her a magazine deal too.

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