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Have you seen or suffered an injustice that needs to be publicized?

Have you taken photos or videos of a crime being committed? Were you a witness to police brutality? Do you have information that pertains to an ongoing, high-profile case?

Contact us here at Talk to the Press to get step-by-step instructions on how to get your story published in the media.

Here at Talk to the Press, our dedicated news team is specially trained to negotiate on your behalf and get you paid for your photos and videos. Whatever the criminal activity, our full-service agency will help you get your story out there. On top of our network of online and print outlets, we also have several television studios as clients. We are uniquely situated to help your story reach the widest possible audience. Our service is also free of charge.

Simply fill out the story valuation form on this page and we’ll let you know whether we can get your story published.


Our agency has the contacts and media savvy to get stories like this published in major news outlets. Because of our close working relationship with the Daily Mail, TMZ, Fox News, and other prominent news outlets, we are incredibly well-versed in the long process a story goes through to get published. We also as a buffer between you and opportunistic reporters who won’t have your back.

Anything you tell us is 100% confidential until you give us the okay to put your story out there. We will never publish a piece until you’ve signed our media agreement, which gives us the right to distribute your story

After we’ve had a phone interview and you’ve signed our media agreement, you can kick back and relax. We will take it from there and put your story out to as many news outlets as possible. If we need more information, we will reach back out before publishing your story.


You can either give us a call or you can fill in the story valuation form on this page. You also have the option to send your photos and videos directly to our news team at message@talktothepress.com. If your photos or videos are too large to email, you can submit them through our easy-to-use media portal.

After our interview, the Talk to the Press team will then approach our clients. We will find out what they think your story is worth.

If your story is interesting enough, you could receive some serious payment. But, if we’re offered too low a price, we will pitch your story to our other clients to ensure that you get the highest price possible for your story.


Give us a call today for a confidential quote. Contacting us doesn’t leave you obligated to work with us. However, we’re sure that once you talk to the professionals on our team, you won’t want to work with anyone else.

We will tell you right away if we can help  sell your storypicture or video to our clients. We will also estimate its value for you. That way you don’t waste hours on the phone trying to get fair compensation.

You can also send in your photos and videos here, or get in touch using our story submittal form. Give us a summary of your story and your contact information. We’ll be sure to get in touch with you if we think your story has a shot at being published in the international press.


First, we’ll start with an informal phone interview. We will never publish anything you send or tell us until you’re comfortable moving forward.

Following this, our team of journalists will take quotes from you and write your story.

Once your story is complete, we’ll contact the editors at TMZ, the Daily Mail, Fox News, and all of our other clients in order to secure you a fair deal.

Grieving family sue Texas cops for breaking 23-year-old father’s neck during violent arrest, holding his head up to take mugshot and failing to get him medical attention for 21 hours – leading to his death three months later.

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