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How do I get my story published?

If you’re wondering ‘How do I get my story published?’ – You’re in the right place. You can sell your story to the global media right here; newspapers, magazines, websites and TV. We guarantee to get you the highest fees for your story. Whats more, you won’t pay us a dime!

How do I get my story published in newspapers, magazines, websites and on television?

Would you like to get your personal story published in the media? If the answer is “yes” simply contact Talk to the Press and we can help.

We have contacts at TV, web and print publications around the world, so we can make the process easy for you.

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  2. We review your Story, Video Footage or Pictures

    One of our team members will call you if your submission appears to be newsworthy. At this stage we’ll need to find out the details from you and we can provide an estimate of how much it’s worth. We won’t ever publish anything without your signed permission.

  3. Publish your Story, Video or Pictures

    If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll get your story published in your chosen publications or multiple publications, for the highest fee possible. You can track all of your payments through our payment tracking service.

An example

Tisha Davis recovered from COVID-19 twice

This Oklahoma woman tested positive for COVID-19 TWICE and had to be hospitalized for eight days during the SECOND infection.

Tisha Davis, a 41-year-old probation officer, first contracted coronavirus in April 2020 then tested positive again in September of the same year.  

The married mom-of-four said her first infection was “very mild” but the second time she was “scared to death.”

As a result of the virus, she struggled to breathe for over 10 days.

Her husband took her to the hospital but she was sent home without medication.

At that time most medics believed that a second COVID-19 infection was impossible or very unlikely.

Two days later Tisha was still fighting to breathe so her husband rushed her to the E.R.

Her COVID-19 test result came back positive.

Tisha described the second time as “much worse.”

“I could barely walk a few steps,” she said.

“I don’t know what happened, did I catch a different strain or did I catch the same strain but it was only the second time that it went to my lungs?

“It’s so strange, I have an identical twin sister and she hasn’t even had it once, now I’ve had it twice.”

Tisha is now fully recovered and back at work.

She decided to share her story to warn others to remain vigilant (even if they have already contracted the virus once)

Tisha’s story helped the public understand that coronavirus can strike the same person more than once.

How do I get my story published?
Tisha’s story and video appeared on Yahoo News and The Daily Mail TV

Talk to a journalist

Tisha knew she had an interesting story to tell and wondered ‘How do I get my story published?’ Following some online research, Trisha found our service and contacted Talk to the Press right away.

Trisha told one of our experienced journalists her story. She then provided proof of her experiences, so that our journalist could write the story accurately.

Photos and video

Tisha submitted some photos and video to illustrate her story. She also signed a media agreement, to give TTTP permission to get her story published.

Getting published

Tisha’s story appeared on The Daily Mail USA and Yahoo News

As a result, brave parole officer received a 50% share of all proceeds made from any pictures and footage that she shot herself.

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How do I get my story published right now?

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