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How to go viral on social media

Ever wondered how to go viral on social media? Talk to the Press can help you capitalise on your viral content

Ever wondered how to go viral on social media? Last month, Talk to the Press deputy editor Amy helped three women earn cash for their selfies and help them go viral.

Laura Stevens, 34, Sarah Hunt, 35, and Laurie-Lin Waller, 33, took some amazing footage of themselves partying ‘like rockstars’ on an empty plane, after they found themselves alone on a BA flight for 150 people.

The trio were due to fly on the 17.20 flight from Gibraltar to London Heathrow on December 18 but, having checked in online and seeing the flight was delayed by three hours due to fog, decided to turn up later at the airport to maximise their three-day holiday.

But the other passengers who turned up at the scheduled time were put on an earlier flight – meaning Laura, who’s a TV producer, and her pals were the only passengers left for the original flight at 20.27.

Their footage included selfies in the cockpit, snaps with the pilot and cabin crew, and shots of them enjoying free Champagne and a three-course meal on board!

After chatting to the ladies about their ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences, Amy syndicated their incredible photos to the papers.

Their story landed in The Sun, The Independent, The Mirror, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Daily Express!

The following morning their selfies had been shared thousands of times online and the story was even discussed on Good Morning Britain!

Now, Amy has placed their story with Chat magazine so the pals will have a piece to keep as a reminder of their ‘VIP’ experience.

The trio were ‘thrilled’ with the coverage and joked that they felt like celebrities! Laura told Amy: “Thank you for making all this happen. This has been a crazy experience that we’ll never forget”.

How to go viral on social media

If, like Laura and her friends, you have some quirky or unusual selfies you want to sell, give us a shout! We’ll help show you how to go viral on social media, and earn money at the same time.

The newspapers love photo and video stories as they’re visual and get people talking. Plus, it’s a great way to boost your profile and see your footage go viral – while earning cash.

We work alongside all the national newspapers and magazines so can find the best home – and price – for your story.

All you need to do is send your footage and a brief outline of your story to message@talktothepress.com , along with a contact number.

From there, one of our lovely writers will give you a call to take down some details and answer any questions you may have. Everything is confidential at this stage!

Once we’ve placed your story, the writer will read the piece back to you to make sure you’re happy with what’s been written.

Usually, we will place your story in the papers and then follow it up with a paid magazine exclusive – boosting the coverage of your story and your fee.

Our experienced writers can tell you straight away if your selfies have the potential to go as big as Laura, Sarah and Laurie-Lin’s did – so give us a call now on 0207 549 5419.

For more information, read our Sell My Story page.  Or you’ll find more ways to contact us on the Contact Talk to the Press page.


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