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Raise awareness of domestic violence

Raise awareness of domestic violence: How you can raise awareness for a cause close to your heart through the press

One of the main reasons behind people sharing their story is to raise awareness over a cause close to their heart. It’s incredible how the media can influence change for the greater good and a lot of papers have great causes they campaign for.

When Rayna Holden, 18, got in touch with us we were all moved by her harrowing story. We obtained CCTV footage from the police which showed her monstrous ex-boyfriend beat his girlfriend unconscious in a pub garden. Sickeningly, as she lay unconscious, Moore continued to stamp on her defenceless body, leaving Rayna, who’s just 5ft 5, battered and bruised.

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This June, the shocking footage saw 24 year old Daryl Moore jailed for the brutal attack on his 18 year old girlfriend. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison at Newcastle Crown Court after admitting assault.

Fortunately, brave Rayna has since moved on and found love with Anthony, now 19, but the teen tells how she’s still scarred by the terrifying ordeal she was subjected to by the man who was supposed to love and protect her. Today, she has counselling every week since the ordeal and believes Moore’s sentence is too short.

She said: “While I’m still trying to piece my life back together, this monster has already been released. Daryl was my first love, and I was so besotted with him I trusted him completely. When he attacked me that night I thought he was going to kill me. I’ve never been so terrified in my life.

“I was scared to press charges but when I saw the CCTV footage I knew he had to be stopped – I don’t want any other woman to go through what I did.”


How did we help Rayna raise awareness of domestic violence, and help those in a similar situation?

We placed Rayna’s story on the news wires where it was picked up in The Sun and The Metro in print and every online national publication – including the Mail Online.

We’ve just secured her an exclusive magazine deal with That’s Life and a popular daytime TV show are interested in having her on.

What’s more, the public were so outraged that the violent brute was jailed for 12 months and only served half of his sentence it became the main story in the comment page in The Metro today. Readers commented on their disgust over his paltry sentence and showed their support for Rayna and other domestic violence victims. We told Rayna who was very touched by the support she’s received.

Here are just a few of the links to Rayna’s story in the national press:





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