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Why we’re a reputable press agency for selling stories – download our customer charter

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reputable press agencyHere at Talk to the Press, we’re sometimes asked whether or not we’re a reputable press agency for selling stories. Prospective new clients also want to be sure that we can be trusted with the confidential information they’ve called us to discuss. We understand that selling a story can be a nerve racking experience, which is why we’re very open about ourselves, and what we offer you.

It goes without saying that when you get in touch to find out more about selling your story, the initial conversations we have with you, which will be about whether or not we can help you sell your story, are in utmost confidence.

We’ll even send you a confidentiality agreement that promises that. If you’d like to read this advance, just click to download our selling stories confidentiality agreement.

As a reputable press agency, here are the promises we make to you……

  • All emails and calls regarding selling a story are treated in strictest of confidence.
  • We will not take any information you give us and sell it to a newspaper cutting you out of a deal (for a myriad of legal reasons, we couldn’t do this even if we wanted to! We also have no facility to publish what you are saying, which is one of the reasons for using a press agency to sell your story rather than going direct to a newspaper)
  • We won’t start approaching newspapers and magazines with your story until you give us the go-ahead.
  • We will secure you the best possible deal for your story.

Being a reputable press agency is of utmost importance to us. To find out more about selling your story, contact us on or fill out the sell my story form to the right.

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