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Sell a kiss and tell story

Sell a kiss and tell story

Selling a kiss and tell story is not easy. But at Talk to the Press, we’ve dealt with dozens of kiss and tell stories, and seen the girls sharing their stories paid thousands of pounds in fees.

You may have seen some of our kiss and tell stories in the national press.

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After doing her kiss and tell story, one girl (who remained anonymous) said about us:

‘I called Talk to the Press to find out what kind of money I could get for a story I had. I was unsure in the beginning as I felt it was morally incorrect and it was very important for me to keep my identity out of the papers. From the start I felt very reassured and comfortable and I was given a clear picture of what the process would be. Talk to the Press arranged everything around my schedule and it was much easier than I had anticipated.

The day before the story was publish I began to receive phone calls from the management of the person the story was about. It was a very stressful situation and I began to have second thoughts. Georgie was on hand all throughout the day (even though it was a weekend and she was away!) and ensured that the harassment stopped immediately.

When the story was published the next day she was also in contact to ensure I was ok which was very reassuring. For career purposes I did not want any pictures of myself published and I was very wary that the paper would print something that would identify me. However, when I read the story I was extremely happy with the result. The day before the story breaks is difficult and nothing can prepare you for the anxiety but I felt like I was taking to a friend with Georgie and this really helped. If I had gone directly to the papers myself I would have felt alone during this process so I’m glad I had someone to advise me. A few days later the story died down and I have no regrets and luckily not even some of my friends know it was me! Thank you for all your help.’


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Kiss and tell story Q&A

Have you got a kiss and tell story you want to sell? There are a number of considerations when you sell a kiss and tell story so read on before you sell your kiss and tell story.

How much can I earn when I sell a kiss and tell story? It depends who you are kissing and telling about! Contact us and we can offer you some initial advice.

Can anyone sell a kiss and tell story? Technically, yes, but if you want to sell a kiss and tell story you will have to have a significant amount of proof of what you are saying. If you are not in possession of a fair amount of emails, letters, text messages, pictures and phone records you will not be able to sell your kiss and tell story.

Are there legal restrictions to kiss and tell stories? Yes there are, largely due to privacy rulings. This doesn’t mean you can’t talk to us about your kiss and tell story to find out more. We can offer you advice on your kiss and tell story and let you know where you stand legally.



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