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mirror-logoSell a story to the Mirror:  Talk to the Press write stories for the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror

At Talk to the Press, one of our biggest clients is the Mirror. Whether we’re pitching to the Daily or the Sunday Mirror – we have great contacts across the papers and in all departments. If you regularly buy either of the newspapers, you will have read Talk to the Press stories.

MarkWrightfrontpageAfter years of working with the news and features desks on both papers, we have established a relationship with our contacts that means we will get you the best fee for your story.

Not only that, but we know your story will be told in the way you want it to be. If you take your story direct to another newspaper you may not get to read the article and make changes before it goes to print, and you can’t ensure that you’re getting the highest fee.  Talk to the Press is a free service for you to negotiate the best fee for your story, and write the story how you want it to be told.

Talk to the Press and the Mirror have a reputation for sensitive and accurate reporting and every one of our clients who appears in the paper walks away happy.

The Mirror group are interested in all sorts of stories, not just hard news. Whether you want to blow the whistle, raise awareness for a rare disease or share your relationship story, there will be a section on the paper that’s right for you.


So why use Talk to the Press to sell a story to the Mirror?

RoxyWallaceFrontPage-1Talk to the Press have been writing and supplying stories to every major newspaper, including the Mirror Group since 2006.  We have established a fantastic working relationship with the Mirror papers and regularly supply front page stories.  This means that we can negotiate the best fee on your behalf, making sure you are paid exactly what your story is worth.

Whether your story is printed as a page lead, or a double-page spread, we will make sure the copy is read back to you before it goes to print.

Many people looking to sell their story may worry that they will be misrepresented, or painted in a negative light. This is why we make sure every person that features in a story, hears the copy before it goes to print.  Our service is completely free to you and it’s our job to make the process as easy as possible, and we will do everything we can to make it an enjoyable experience.

Coming through Talk to the Press also means we can get you signed onto an agreement that ensures you will be paid. There is a high percentage people that go directly to a national newspaper whose stories never make it into print, or they never get paid.

Papers over-commission stories meaning if you go directly, yours might never see the light of day. At Talk to the Press we are invested in each and every one of our client’s stories and we will push for an agreed publication date.


After your story has been printed in the Mirror

carolineWalshMirrorIf you have a story in the Daily or Sunday Mirror, it’s highly likely that other news outlets will be interested in speaking to you.

Most of our clients go on to have multimedia deals, which can all be arranged by Talk to the Press (once a story is printed, we field calls from all other media outlets to see who wants to print your story and what they are willing to pay).

We have fantastic contacts on TV shows like This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Loose Women and Lorraine. This means that when they see our stories in the papers, they come straight to us if they are interested in having you on the show.

photo 3(1)We can then arrange a fee for your appearance, and travel and hotels down to the London studios are always paid for by the company. Everyone who appears on the show really enjoys it, even if it seems a bit daunting at first. Plus, you get to meet celebs!

Of course you don’t have to appear on television if you don’t want to, but TV is not the end of the road either, and we always push to get you a deal with at least two women’s magazines. Like with a newspaper story, for magazines you will be paid and get a full read back of the story.

And if in the future, you have an update or an aspect of your story has changed, the Mirror are often more than happy to pay you for a follow-up piece.


Here are a few recent TTTP stories in the Mirror, from showbiz to health:





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