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How we protect you

How will Talk to the Press protect me when I sell my story?

The last thing we want is an unhappy customer, or for someone who has worked with us to regret selling their story.

We protect you in the following ways….

1) We always put your goals first, and ask you where you would like to see your story and what you are trying to achieve by sharing your experiences.

2) If we feel appearing in a certain publication isn’t in your best interests, we will tell you this. There will always be other options and we want to protect you from making a decision you’ll later regret.

3) We always read back the copy prior to filing it to the publication in question, allowing you to make any changes you want. We don’t write the headlines on our articles, but you will have heard and approved the copy prior to publication.

4) If you are not familiar with a magazine or newspaper interested in your story, we request that you buy yourself a copy before making your decision. Not every magazine or newspaper is to everyone’s taste. You must let us know if you do not like the publication that is offering a fee for your story.

5) We are not psychologists and ultimately, whether to sell a story or not is a decision that you are responsible for. But if we feel that selling a story is not in your best interests for any reason, we will advise you of this.

We regularly turn down people with good stories, usually because we feel the events in question have happened too recently and they are emotionally still too raw. We have even advised a person not to sell their story AFTER they’d recieved an offer of £30k from a national newspaper and done even the interview. In this instance, it became apparent that the thought of the fallout from the story was causing the individual in question so much anxiety that it no longer seemed worthwhile to go ahead. We pulled the story from the newspaper in question and publication did not go ahead. If you still wish to go ahead with selling your story after we’ve advised you not to, you will have to use a different agency.

6) If we are contacted by a teenager, we insist on talking to their parent/legal guardian before even considering placing their story in a newspaper or magazine. We never interview anyone under the age of 18 without their parent at their side, both in the interview and in the photographs.

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