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How I lost an incredible 14 stone in time for Christmas

Like all mums, Michele Faranda-Lee is excited about giving her young kids a big hug on Christmas morning. But until recently this was impossible – because Michele was too fat. Just a couple of years ago Michele, 42, was a size 32 and tipped the scales at 24 stone. But the mum of three is […]

Reunited after 34 years, and engaged in two hours

When Hazel Stilgoe-McCombe’s husband got down on one knee and asked her to marry him on their very first date, she said yes immediately. Many women would have run a mile at such a proposal, but Hazel says she already knew she had found her soul mate in David – because she had been in […]

I jumped 15,000ft to raise £50,000 to help my little boy walk

As soon as we heard what amazing mum Fiona Storey had done for her son, we knew a newspaper would love to interview her. Last year, Fiona jumped 15,000 foot out of a plane to raise money so her six-year-old son Dylan could undergo pioneering surgery in America that would mean he’d be able to walk. […]

Daily Mirror today: the little girl who lives in a colourless world

When we heard about the little girl who lives in a colourless world, our hearts broke. Eight-year-old Tyla Rich from North Wales was born with Achromatopsia – a rare inherited condition which means she suffers colourblindness, loss of vision and an inability to fully control her eye movement. For Tyla, who can only see up […]

Mum’s story of her three unusual births appears in Daily Mirror

This weekend, Helen Carrol’s remarkable story about her three dramatic births featured in the Mirror newspaper. Helen, 36, almost died giving birth to her first child, Jessica, her husband Paxton delivered their second daughter, Erin, in their bedroom and Helen delivered the third by herself in the bathtub at home. Her third labour began drama-free […]

Daily Mirror – ‘My disastrous gastric band’

Jacqueline Brisco, a 41-year-old mum from Merseyside, contacted us because she wanted to raise awareness of the dangers of gastric bands and warn other women that they are not the ‘quick fix’ many think them to be. Two years ago Jackie was a size 12-14 – smaller than the average British woman – but had […]

The Mirror – ‘Pregnant at 54 – with twins’

As soon as Karen Johnston filled out our sell story submission form with her incredible story of expecting twins at 54 via egg donation from the Czech republic, we knew we could help her. We went on to set Karen up with a string of deals with newspapers, magazines and television.