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Closer magazine out today – I’m going to finishing school to become a real lady

This week Danielle Hallett’s story about her £60,000 sex change appeared in Closer magazine. Danielle, who was born Darren, first realised she was trapped inside the wrong body when she was five years old but worried about what her family and friends reaction would be so refused to acknowledge her true identity. It wasn’t until […]

Denise Lamb’s story appears in this week’s Best magazine

This week, Denise Lamb’s remarkable story about life with her transgender ex-husband appears in Best magazine. In the interview, Denise talks movingly about discovering her former tank driver husband actually felt he was trapped inside the wrong body and how she coped when he announced he was having a sex change.

The Daily Mail – ‘I’m Britain’s youngest sex change patient.’

Sex Change Article Image

Alex Thornton emailed us asking ‘How do I sell my story’.At the time, Alex was set to be the youngest girl in Britain to have a sex change. We sold her story to the Daily Mail, Woman magazine, and Alex was innundated with offers from documentary companies wanting to follow her through the process.