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Raise awareness in the media with Talk to the Press

If you would like to raise awareness in the media for a cause close to your heart, contact Talk to the Press today. As soon as we saw Emma Lowe’s adorable twins, Arthur and Alfie, they melted our hearts and we knew they’d melt the hearts of Britain’s readers too. Which is why they appeared in the Daily Mirror this week.

Six Rounds of IVF – the £90,000 Baby

worlds most expensive baby

Have you been through a heartbreaking journey to have children? Read Helen Proctor’s story below. Over the course of seven years she suffered three miscarriages and spent £90,000 on six rounds of IVF. Now, she’s finally a mum!  Helen 34, a health care assistant from Southampton, is celebrating the birth of her first son Blake after […]

Sunday Mirror – ‘I had one twin, Mum had the other.’

Surrogate Article

Jessica contacted us from Indiana, in America, wanting to know how to sell her amazing surrogacy story. Over the past few years, Jessica had eight miscarriages, then her mother offered to be a surrogate for her. But just as her mum conceived, so did Jessica, and Jessica ended up with twins. Jessica’s story was sold […]

The Daily Mail – ‘Twins, twice, in just one year’

Twin Image

When we discovered TTTP client Hazel Bowden is the only known women in the UK to have had twins – twice – in under a year, we knew newspapers would be fighting over her story. The Daily Mail offered her the best deal for her story.