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Talk to the Press, in the press!

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Yes, we don’t only help clients place their stories in the national press for the highest payments possible, we’re also IN the press too!

georgette-culleyAt Talk to the Press, we don’t believe in asking anyone to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves! Because of this, we often put ourselves forward as case studies or write first person pieces to appear in the press. So, with our first hand experience, we can properly describe the process and experience of selling your story.

Earlier this month, I appeared in Femail where I spoke candidly about the damage I’ve done to my gnashers through drinking prosecco.

At just 80 calories per glass, prosecco seemed like the healthiest alcoholic drink on the market – but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

First, it contains about a teaspoon of sugar per glass and the bubbles contain high levels of carbon dioxide which are highly acidic and attack the enamel on the teeth – making teeth more susceptible to decay. Put simply, my love for the fizzy tipple was destroying my smile.

What’s more, I was not the only person suffering from this problem. My dentist told me he’d seen so many he’d dubbed it ‘the Prosecco smile’.

Over the past few years, Prosecco has become the go-to drink for young professionals – mainly as it’s low in calories and very cheap – and it looks classy to drink so lets us believe we’re running with the flashpack.

As it was a growing problem for women I felt it was my duty to put my face to the story to warn other people the dangers of Prosecco.

Usually we’re selling stories about our clients (other people!), but now I was selling a story on myself.

I have to admit it is a little unnerving and naturally you feel a bit anxious about posing for a photoshoot and having your face plastered over the Mail Online. But actually it was a really pleasant experience, mainly because I got to drink Prosecco whilst having my make up done and take a few piccies.

I had a lovely photographer and make-up artist come to my home and although we had to shift a couple of pieces of furniture to set up the camera, it worked out fine in the end.

As the make-up artist got to work we chatted away about anything and everything – I sipped on Prosecco (ignoring my dentist’s advice) and let her do her magic.

After, I had to pose for lots of pictures against a white background and yes it was mega cheesy and a tad uncomfortable – it always is when you’re trying to pull a serious yet friendly face. However, the photographer was great and directed me re how to pose – she also ensured I was wearing something bright and colourful. Sadly, although black is flattering, it doesn’t photograph well so you always have to wear something smart casual, yet bright.

The photographer snapped away and you almost feel like you must be the ugliest person alive as they take so many – but rest assured it’s the same for everyone – it’s just so they have covered every corner and made sure the picture desk will be happy with them.

Photoshoot over – all I had to worry about was making sure the copy was good and ready to go.

Once all the ‘adds’ had been done (these are extra questions the sub editors ask when editing copy) I eagerly waited for the piece to go in.

Sometimes stories can go in straight away, sometimes they take a week, a month – even longer. It depends on a lot of factors (such as breaking news, forward issue planning, similar stories in rival publications) so don’t think the publication have lost interest in your story if it hasn’t run yet.

Fortunately for me, mine was published two days later. I had friends Watsapping the online version to me before I’d even seen it.

In an internet age you can worry about reader comments, but what you have to remember is most the people who write nasty things usually look like the definition of a troll (and are often kids!) – so don’t take them personally.

Almost every story we’ve ever written attracts a few idiotic comments from trolls – even emotional stories where parents have lost children to illnesses. It goes to show that trolls write horrible things on any story, so we tell all of our clients to ignore them. In fact, I was disappointed I didn’t get more nasty comments – they can be quite entertaining sometimes!

You can read some of them here!

Once the story was published our accounts team processed the relevant invoice and await payment from the newspaper (although this time they’ll be sending the payment to me rather than one of our clients!).

Papers usually take about 8 weeks to pay, so don’t worry if you’re still waiting for a payment, it’s totally normal. Remember, they fill the pages of the publications every day and are processing hundreds of payments at a time, so it can be a little slow.

If you think you’d like to sell your story and want to speak to one of our dedicated team to find out more – simply use the contact form on this page or call 0207 549 5406. You can also join our mailing list if you are interested in being a case-study and getting paid to give your opinion in a verity of press articles:


To read more about how to get in the press and share your story, see our Sell My Story page.

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