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IMPORTANT: Please do not circulate or share your story with any other publications, agencies or journalists.  All publications demand exclusivity in order to pay the highest fees.  If more than one person is pitching your story and exclusivity is compromised, it will drive the price down;  Stay in control of your story.

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CONTACT: Please note that due to the volume of interesting and heartbreaking stories that we receive, we cannot respond to everybody who writes to us.

If we have not contacted you within 14 days then unfortunately your story is not one that we can use at the present time.  However, we will contact you about future press opportunities that may be relevant to you through our story alert email (please note that you can opt out at any time and we never share your details with third parties).

Remember, even if we can’t use your story, we still pay £50 if you refer anyone else’s that is suitable for publication.  Please feel free to refer or suggest as many stories as you like.  We’ll pay you if we can use any of them.

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