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The Press: How to contact the press and sell stories, photos and videos

The Press – How to contact us

If you would like to contact the press, Talk to the Press was set up as a free service to connect members of the public with the press (predominantly the UK national press).

ChristieHoyle2 copyTalk to the Press helps people sell their stories, photos or videos to magazines, newspapers and television companies for the highest fees possible.

You can simply use the story valuation form on this page to get a free, no obligation quote for your material.  You can also call the story hotline displayed at the top of this page.

Whether it is your personal story (suitable for a real-life feature), a news tip-off, an amazing press-worthy photo, or a jaw dropping video, you can turn your content into cash.

Newspapers, magazines, and television companies are seeking fresh content every day and we are hot on the pulse of who is looking for what, and who will pay you the most for it.


Who are The Press?

IMG_0092The Press is defined as the news media or news industry, which are those elements of the mass media that focus on delivering news to the general public or a target public. These include print media (newspapersnewsmagazines), broadcast news (radio and television), and more recently the Internet (online newspapers, news blogs, etc.).

Talk to the Press works will all sections of the news media, meaning not only can we arrange the highest fee for you, but we can sell your content across multiple news outlets.

We deal directly with commissioning editors, so we can get an offer for your content straight away.  It means that you don’t have to try and find number for the right people, navigate through automated phone systems, or get mixed up with the thousands of people contacting the press institutions each day.  We arrange hundreds of stories with each major newspaper, magazine and television network every month, meaning they pick up the phone to us.


How our service helps you deal with The Press

Any content you send us will be fully confidential, until you tell us otherwise. Nothing will ever be printed without your permission.

VictoriaSherlockFrontPage copyOnce you send us your story, photo or video, we will give you an estimate of what it’s worth based on sales of similar content.

People often have over-optimistic or under-optomistic expectations of the fees that are offered by the press, so it’s a good idea to get an estimate first so that you are aware of the ball-park figure content like yours will fetch.

See our How much will a magazine pay for my story page to find out a little more about payments.

If you like the sound of the estimate, first we will sell your content as an ‘exclusive’, which will attract the largest fee. We’ll contact the commissioning editors of every major outlet that would take the type of story, photo or video you’re selling to get firm offers.  Again, nothing will be used without your consent.  If there are multiple offers for your story, we will auction it to the highest bidding publication.

We’ll come back to you with any firm offers for your story, photo or video, and you can decide whether to go ahead or not.  If you want to proceed, (in the case of a story) we’ll do a full interview with you over the phone (or in person if you prefer) and write up the story ready for print.  We will read the piece back to you so that you can change anything you aren’t happy with before it is published.  Photos and videos will be sent to the publication by us with the relevant Talk to the Press (and your own) copyright restrictions.

After your story has appeared as an exclusive, we can re-sell it as ‘second rights’ and ‘third rights’, place it on television, and send it out on our national news-wire…  if that’s what you want to do.  You can select, just a few, or none of these options.  The choice is in your hands.

Your story will be told your way.

For more information, see our Sell My Story – How it Works page.


The Press – Your Payment

Once your story, photo or video appears in the press, your payment will be processed.  Some publications will pay you directly, and some will pay Talk to the Press (for us to forward on your payment to you).  Payment timescales vary from outlet to outlet, and can take anything from a couple of days to eight weeks to process.  Your payment will be sent straight to your bank account, or via cheque (whatever you prefer).


Recent Talk to the Press clients

Here is a small selection of recent Talk to the Press clients…

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