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What ‘Dragon’ James Caan says about us

Earlier this year, Talk to the Press director Natasha was selected to attend James Caan’s business academy, and we’re thrilled to announce that former ‘Dragon’ James Caan has said the following about Talk to the Press: ‘To the lay person who has no idea how to get their story published, I can imagine finding Natasha would be a relief to a lot of people.  I like the conscientiousness and due diligence here.’

The EBA’s managing director and serial entrepreneur Bev James adds: ‘Natasha is playing to her strengths: skills and passion and it’s evident she is set to become the leader in her niche.  Reputation is everything in business and Natasha really knows this and is building a great brand through her people skills as much as her professional skills.’

James and Bev aren’t the only well-respected names to comment on Talk to the Press. MP Esther McVey recently posted on Twitter ‘If anyone is ever thrown into the media spotlight, check out @TalkToThePress.’

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