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This week Talk to the Press helped a 29-year-old woman share her heartwarming story after claiming she ‘won’ her daughter in a prize draw after ten years of failed pregnancy attempts.’ Get in touch if you would like to share an uplifting story with a magazine.

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I won my baby in a prize draw

Rose and her daughter at 3 months oldRose Herft, now 31, from Cricklewood, NW London, had suffered two ectopic pregnancies and two failed rounds of IVF before winning a round of  treatment worth £10,500 from a private fertility clinic.

Happily, Rose fell pregnant after the IVF treatment at Lister Fertility, Chelsea Bridge, and gave birth to Mya-Rose in June 2014, weighing 5lbs 2oz.

Rose said: “Having Mya-Rose has been such a blessing to our family, we really do feel lucky to have her.

“The fact that we won the treatment in the prize draw was amazing – I never thought we’d actually win.”

Rose first fell pregnant in 2003 when she was just 18, but at 8 weeks she was told that the pregnancy was ectopic, and her fallopian tube was removed.

A year and a half later, she fell pregnant again, but discovered the pregnancy was ectopic and had her other fallopian tube removed.

When she and her partner Kobby Manyo-Plange, 31, started trying for children again in their twenties, she did an ‘egg swap’ where she donated eggs to a woman who couldn’t have children in return for IVF treatment. However, neither she nor the other woman fell pregnant.

Miracle Baby

Mya-RoseShortly afterwards, she had a round of IVF at Guy’s Hospital, London, but again it was unsuccessful. She and her partner were about to give up when they entered a prize draw for free fertility treatment from the Lister Fertility Clinic in Chelsea Bridge. Rose was amazed to receive a call to say she was one of 24 lucky women who’d won the treatment.

In March 2013, ten years after her first pregnancy, she started treatment and discovered she had an immune disorder caused by stress which meant her body attacked her embryos thinking they were an infection. She was put on a drip to dampen her immune system, and thankfully fell pregnant during her only free round of IVF.

In June 2014, Mya-Rose was born via planned C-section at a tiny but perfect 5lbs 2oz. Rose said: “We feel so blessed to have Mya-Rose, she’s perfect. Sadly my Dad died a few months before she was born, but I like to think he was helping in some way. It seems like fate.”

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