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Sell a story to The Sun newspaper

Do you want to sell a story to The Sun newspaper, and are you wondering how to sell a story to The Sun newspaper?

Talk to the Press is a free service to help members of the public get the most from selling their story to the national press.  We can help you sell a story to The Sun newspaper as well as other newspapers, magazines and television networks (if you want to).

Not only are we able to negotiate the best deal for you from a specific publication, we can sell your story to every publication who would be interested in your story (if that is something you would be interested in).

Simply fill out the form on this page and tell us a little bit about your story to get the best quote (there is no obligation and nothing will be used without your permission).  Don’t send your story to anyone else as we require complete exclusivity to command the highest fees.  If you would like to read more about the story selling process, see our Sell My Story page.


When you sell a story to The Sun…

SunfrontPageAaronLennonIf you’re looking to raise awareness, The Sun is one of the best papers to appear in. The famous red-top has over 2.2 million readers daily and is great for getting behind worthy campaigns – like Help the Heroes.

It can be daunting speaking directly to a newspaper such as The Sun; the reporters are very busy there and may not have the time to listen to your story properly even if you do manage to get through to someone on the correct desk.

PrisonSunsplashcopyThe Sun is one of our biggest clients and we sell dozens of stories to them a week.  We have direct lines to the editors of each department and are here to navigate the corridors of ‘fleet street’ for you.

The Sun often pay the highest fees for stories, but this varies hugely from department to department.  We guarantee to negotiate the highest fee for you.  As a press agency, our service is free to you (publications pay us to source and write the article to their style, which is why we also guarantee that the article is written how you want it to be).

Working with Talk to the Press

KellyParsonsCuttingsSunAt Talk to the Press, we ensure we speak to you properly first before telling you if your story could work as a newspaper or magazine article, and how much it is worth.

Some stories suit the news desk and ones that have a female voice we place in the Sun Woman – the women’s section of the paper. For instance, weight loss stories work particularly well for the female section, reaching out to people in similar situations and spurring them on with their own goals.

If you’re considering selling your weight loss story, it’s key to have strong ‘before and after’ pictures as well as a strong line or story to make different from the rest (there are a lot of weight loss stories out there so we need to make yours stand out).

If you believe your story is front page and are worried about giving details away directly to a paper in fear you may not be paid, then we take that worry about for you.  Read our Sell My Story Anonymously page for more information.

Working on your behalf, we make sure we know exactly what you want to achieve by selling your story. Once we know you’re working with us, we electronically email you a contract along with a confidentiality agreement so you know you’re in safe hands.

Then we’ll interview you properly, and then ask you to email over all the relevant docs, evidence and pictures that support your story.

After, we’ll write a 250 word synopsis – summarising the main points so our contacts at The Sun can quickly read it and decide if they want to buy it.

They’ll then raise it in conference and if the editor goes for it they’ll commission it. We will then push to get you the highest fee possible.

As we’re media experts we know exactly how much your story is worth, so there’s no fear that’ll you’ll be ‘ripped off’. If we’re not happy with an offer, we will take your story elsewhere for you to ensure you get the best fee possible. However, if we think their offer reflects the story but you’re not happy with it, we’ll be honest with you.

Sometimes people think there stories are worth more than they are, it’s our job to be honest and manage your expectations. As we’re an agency, we can sell your story to another of publications – making sure you’re getting paid for each one and are happy with it.

So if you’re considering selling your story to The Sun give us a call on 0207 549 5406 or use the contact form on this page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Please do not send your story anywhere else in the mean time, in order to get you the highest fee possible it’s essential you’re working with us exclusively – else it could scupper potential offers for your story (publications will not buy a story for the maximum fee if they have reason to believe your story could appear elsewhere, or could be stolen by an unscrupulous journalist, agency, or rival publication).


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