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Sell your story to a magazine

sell your story to a magazine

Do you want to sell your story to a magazine?

Women’s magazines are always on the look out for strong and interesting stories, especially those featuring women, who the largely female readership of women’s magazines can relate to.

If you’re wondering how to sell your story to a magazine, email us on message@talktothepress.com or fill out the sell my story form on the right.


Sell your story to a magazine – quick Q&A

How much do you earn when you sell your story to a magazine?

This all depends on your story, but if magazines really want a story, they will pay surprisingly large amounts for it, particularly if one of their rivals is interested to. It’s our job to create the magazine story auction which ensures you get the best possible fee when you sell your story to a magazine.

Will the magazine do a photoshoot for my story?

Yes, the magazine probably will. The good news is that women’s magazines often send hair and make up artists, so before your magazine story is published, you may well have a makeover. Most people are nervous before their magazine story makeover, but they all end up enjoying themselves. As one of our clients whose story recently appeared in a magazine said ‘Thank you so much, we had an amazing day and the magazine even let us keep the clothes.’

I want to sell my story to a magazine, but I don’t know the magazine that wants to buy my story?

Go out and buy a copy of the magazine in question before you sell your story to that magazine. Not every magazine is to everyone’s taste, and it’s important to us that you like the magazine that your story appears in.

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Best advice to sell your story to a magazine

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