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Top Tips

Top tips for selling your story

Tip 1:

Make sure you’re happy to sell your story.


Have a think about what sorts of publications you’d like to sell your story to. Which are your favourite newspapers and magazines? Are there any publications you really don’t like?

Tip 3:

Use a press agency to sell your story rather than go direct. If you go direct, its hard to know who is the right person to talk to, or what sort of fee you should expect.

Tip 4:

Be prepared for the fact that you may need to provide paperwork, evidence and photographs to accompany the story you are selling. Ie, if you want to sell a story about a crime, do you have any court or police papers? If you are selling a story about a relationship, do you have pictures of you with the person in question? We can help you with what sort of documents and pictures you’ll need to provide. In certain instances, we may not be able to sell your story without certain photographs and documents. The bottom line is that you have to be able to prove your story is true.

Tip 5:

Remember, you will get less money for your story (and your story may not in fact be saleable) if you are not named and photographed.

Tip 6:

Don’t take it personally – not every story people try to sell is successful!!!! And not every story is worth thousands of pounds (even if to you it feels like it might be). However, we can advise you very quickly on whether or not you have a story that newspapers and magazines would buy, and how much you can expect to earn through selling your story. If your story is the type for which you cannot be paid for legal reasons, we will tell you this.

Tip 7:

If by any chance you change your mind about selling your story, just let us know as soon as possible. We don’t mind, but we need to keep our clients in the loop if someone selling a story changes their mind. Bear in mind though, if you have already done your photoshoot and interview, the magazine or newspaper may have gone to press, in which case it could be too late to pull out.

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