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How to sell a story

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Are you wondering how to sell a story?

We are a specialist media agency that helps people who want to sell a story to newspapers or magazines. We help hundreds of people each year sell a story to the national press, many have appeared on television too talking about their story. Our sell story clients appear in national newspapers such as the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and News of the World as well as women’s magazines.

How to sell a story: Quick Q&A

Why would I sell a story?

There are a huge number of reasons people think ‘How do I sell a story?’ They range from gaining a sense of closure or achievement on an event that has happened, raising awareness or inspiring other people, to share what you’ve learned from life or to apply pressure to an official organisation.

Will I get paid if I sell a story?

Yes you will. Our job is to negotiate you the best fee for selling your story. Some of our sell my story clients have earned thousands, although how much you earn depends on what your story is, how many times it gets sold and which publications it ends up in.

I’m wondering how to sell a story – what’s next?

Firstly, get in touch with us at message@talktothepress.com or via the sell my story form on the right, or call us. All emails and calls are treated in the strictest of confidence. We will then approach newspapers and magazines and secure you the best deal possible for your story. As journalists, we get paid for writing your story, and our service to you is free. We pay you following publication of your story.

I’m nervous – how will you protect me when I sell a story

We always put our sell my story customers’ goals first, and ask you where you would like to see your story and what you are trying to achieve. We are able to read back the copy upon request, prior to filing it to the publication in question, allowing you to make any changes you want – if that’s something you’d like to do. Our experienced writers are trained in making sure your story is told your way.

The media are camped on my doorstep – do I have to sell a story?

No, absolutely not, and certainly not immediately. There are a number of options, which we can advise you on. If the media are camped on your doorstep, we can take the strain and manage press interest for you.

I have a story to sell – who will buy it?

It depends on what your story is, and which publications you’d prefer to buy it. We are an independent agency and have contacts across the media, therefore can approach all or as many publications as you like and see if they are interested in your story.

Can I stay anonymous when I sell a story?

In certain instances, yes it is possible if you have a story to sell to remain anonymous, particularly if you want to provide the media with a ‘tip’ or information that can help them piece together a larger story. A number of people with a story to sell have stayed anonymous through us. Talk to us to find out more.

What are your top tips for selling a story?

Firstly, make sure you’re happy to sell your story. Then think about what publications you’d like your story to sell to. Using a press agency rather than going direct when you have a story to sell will get you a higher fee. It’s hard to go direct if you have a story to sell as it’s difficult to reach the right person, or know what fee to expect. Finally, be prepared for the fact that if you have a story to sell, you may need to provide photographs and evidence to accompany the story you are selling. Ie, if you want to sell a story about a crime, do you have any court or police papers? If you are selling a story about a relationship, do you have pictures of you with the person in question? We can help you with what sort of documents and pictures you’ll need to provide.


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