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How to get a book deal

How to get a book deal

How to get a book deal

Everyone has a book in them…… The old saying may well be true but having a great story to share with the world isn’t the same thing as actually getting a book published and displayed on bookshelves around the country.

Here at Talk to the Press, we’ve now teamed up with authors and literary agents to help those who wish to secure book deals for their memoirs. We are currently working on book deals for a number of our clients. Some contacted us for help handling press attention and have decided that a book would be a better outlet for their story than a newspaper.

Email us your proposal on message@talktothepress.com

Get a book deal – some tips

Presenting your proposal

Like most literary agents, we will require a short synopsis of the book you want to write, a sample chapter, a covering letter and some biographical details about yourself.

When you are writing your synopsis, remember to clearly explain your story. Make sure your synopsis is clear, accurate (no typos!) and engaging.

Be persistant

Hopefully, your fabulous book proposal will attract our attention, and you will soon be signing a book deal with a reputable publisher. But even the strongest writers may not find instant success.

If we reject your book, try not to be too disheartened. It may be that the book simply wasn’t right for us, or we recently accepted a similar book. We suggest you try other literary agents and see what they think too.

Remember that twelve publishers turned down J.K Rowling’s manuscript for the first Harry Potter book before one finally accepted it. You’re book might not be Harry Potter but the principle holds. Keep your chin up and keep trying!

Get a book deal – useful links:

Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook – An amazing resource for anyone who hopes to publish a book.

HarperTrue – One of the most prominent publishers of real-life books in the UK.


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