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How much will a magazine pay for a story

Wondering how much will a magazine pay for a story? You’ve come to the right place.

Tab-CoverIf you are thinking of selling a story and have one burning question ‘how much will a magazine pay for a story?’, simply complete the story valuation form on this page and we will provide a free story valuation.

Every month we get hundreds of calls from people wanting to know the value of their story and how many deals they can with different publications.

The value of the story depends on what type of story it is – for instance a weight loss story won’t be as much as a crime story or someone making national news headlines. Because of this, our aim to try and get you as many deals as possible – so instead of selling your story once with one publication – we can get you up to three or four deals.

Cover copyHowever, to be able to do this, you need to sell your story in a specific order, because some publications will not follow others (i.e. they won’t print your story if it has already appeared in a certain rival publication).  Thankfully, we are experts at doing this and our service is completely free.

If you’re a victim of a crime or making headlines – and you sell your story at the time of the event – then you will be looking at a big fee. But if you’re making headlines, you need to sell the story when it’s topical – rather than months down the line – as this will really impact on the fee you receive.


Here are our top tips for getting the most value out of your story…

  1. Supporting documents: In order for us to secure you the best deal for your story, we need to see all the supporting documents/ pictures.  Don’t worry, nothing will ever be used without your permission.
  2. Don’t go local: It’s important not to speak to a local paper or any journalist as although you may want your local paper to tell your story – they will syndicate it on a national scale and you won’t be paid for it. If it’s syndicated to the national papers and they all pick it up and run it – we won’t be able to secure you an exclusive paper deal because your story is already ‘out there’.
  3. Keep it exclusive: Many people try to tout their story around to publications themselves to see who will pay the most.  This is a big mistake.  All publications require exclusivity and will not pay the maximum fee if they believe the a rival publication has access to it.  In some circumstances a rival publication will print your story as a ‘spoiler’ if they haven’t won the rights to it, meaning that it’s dropped by your chosen publication and you won’t get paid.


What next?

So it really is best to contact us first before you approach any other publications or journalists so we can advise you on your best options and take over the hard work for you.  Again, our service is completely free – we are here to help you get the most from selling your story.

IMG_3329When it comes to selling a story to women’s weekly magazines, we’re the best people to speak to. Not only are all our staff NCTJ accredited but we are a multiple award winning agency.  We get you the highest fee for your story and we are paid directly by the publications for finding and writing stories (all national magazines and newspapers rely on agencies and freelance journalists to provide their content.  The group we are part of, SWNS, provide around 15% to 20% of all print news in the UK).

Unlike going directly, we get the women’s weeklies to bid on your story. This means if two direct competitors are bidding it can take your money up substantially.

If there’s lot of interest in your story the main women’s mags – Take a Break, Chat, Bella, That’s Life, Best, Pick Me Up, Woman, Women’s Own, Reveal, Closer, New and Real People – will all bid against one another – thus pushing your money up.

Sometimes the auction can go on for days, which is great for you as it means you’ll receive a great fee for it.

What’s more, we know what mags can follow one another – for instance, Reveal could follow Chat but Chat couldn’t follow Take a Break. Only non-direct competitor mags can follow one another so it’s important to sell to the right mags with different readerships so you can get two magazine deals and more money!

To find out more fill out the story submission form on this page or call us for free on 0207 549 5406.


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