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What stories sell?

What stories sellWhat stories sell to the press?

Are you thinking ‘I want to sell my story?’ How do you know if your story will sell?

There are all the sorts of stories magazines and newspapers want to buy. If you’ve got a story you want to sell, email message@talktothepress.com

It’s not always easy to know whether your own experiences make a good story or not, or whether it is the sort of thing magazines and newspapers would be prepared to pay for. In truth, the possibilities are endless.

It’s easy to imagine that publications are only looking for stories involving celebrities or scandal. That however, is far from the truth. In fact, they are looking for any story that illustrates the many different issues that affect you and I, and the sky is the limit.

From health stories to crime stories, from body image stories to baby stories, from pet stories to parenting stories, from home renovation stories to wedding stories, from love stories to work stories, there is no human experience that magazines and papers are not interested in.

Think of all the things you might discuss with your friends over coffee: a commissioning editor is looking to illustrate and debate the very same matters in the pages of the publication they work for.

Stories about diets, cosmetic surgery, mother and baby, quirky relationships, unusual partners, divorce, dramatic life changes, amusing pets, holidays from hell, ghostly encounters and unusual jobs are all of interest.

Of course, stories involving celebrities and scandal have their place, but they are just one part of a very big picture. And that picture is all about the complex relationships, emotions, situations and happenings that make up our everyday lives.

Whatever the story you’ve got to sell to the press, contact us to find out if it will sell. We will advise on you the fee you are likely to get from a newspaper or women’s magazines, and how much your story is worth.


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