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Sell photos to the press

Can I sell photos to the press?

  • Did you see a crime being committed and film it or take a picture?
  • Did you witness something funny or unusual and capture it on camera?
  • Have you snapped a perfectly-timed image of an animal or nature at its best?
  • Are you a talented photographer and want your work to star in publications around the globe?

We can help you sell photos to the press! Our service won’t cost you a penny. So long as the images belong to you, they were taken legally, and they are good enough quality – we’re here to ensure you are paid the highest fee possible for releasing your images to the international press.

Tell us about your photo using the Valuation form on this page, or email the photo directly to us at: message@talktothepress.com

Security guaranteed

It goes without saying, but we won’t use anything you send us without your permission.

As the largest independent press agency in the UK, with offices all over the world, we ensure that any reputable publisher wishing to use your images pays you the going  rate.

How much will I receive if I sell photos to the press?

We specialise in selling your photos to multiple outlets to maximize your earnings.

Exclusive photos of celebrities or breaking news events often rake in the biggest fees, but even goofy animal pictures or something bizarre can be lucrative.

Because we are independent, we will shop around for the best deal.

You will be paid by bank transfer or check.

The next step…

Submit your photos here, or send them to us via our dedicated image selling site: SellUsYourPhoto.com/

Our media experts will assess the content and let you know if the press would be interested in publishing it.

We will probably need to conduct a short interview with you to find out more, and if you’re happy to work with us, we will send you our terms.

By agreeing to them you confirm that you’re happy for us to distribute your content on your behalf, but you remain the copyright holder at all times.

Then, sit back and relax while we do all the hard work.

Exclusivity is the key to getting the highest fee when you sell photos to the press

We will get you the highest fee if your photo hasn’t been published anywhere before.

For this reason, we ask that you hold off from submitting your content to other outlets so we don’t get any crossed wires.

We also ask that you send us large, unedited files if possible. Photos that look great on your mobile phone screen could be blurry or pixelated if used on the front page of a newspaper.

We never use the content you send us without your permission, but some media companies aren’t so trustworthy. Be careful – if your photo leaks, its value might diminish.

Sell photos to the press – More information

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