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Why work with an agency?

Selling your story directly to a newspaper, website or TV show isn’t easy. Publications receive hundreds of submissions an hour and things get missed.

The staff who are tasked with trawling through the enquiries are both short of time and often inexperienced. Unless you pitch your story in the correct way and follow a standard format, the chances are it’s going to get overlooked.

An agent will know how to package and market your story, giving you the best chance of securing the coverage you want, where you want it.  They will also be able to ensure your words aren’t twisted and the story is told exactly how you want it to be.

Often, big media organizations prefer to deal with an agent. We know what they want, we know what you want, and we can ensure everything runs smoothly.

We also know what the rates are and can make sure you are getting a great deal. If you contact a publication directly, they might try to pay you less than your story is worth.

Our service won’t cost you a penny, and there is no obligation until you give us the go-ahead.

Why Talk to the Press?

Talk to the Press was founded in 2008 by national newspaper journalist Natasha Courtenay-Smith to help ordinary people sell their stories.  The company is now part of the largest independent press agency in the country.

All of our reporters are trained to the highest standard and work within the code of ethics set out by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Our wider group, SWNS, is now one of the largest independent media agencies on Earth. SWNS has been a leading provider of news, pictures and videos to the world’s media for over four decades.

Hundreds of talented reporters and photographers work from our head offices in New York and London to create quality content around the clock.

We are hard-working, talented and reliable – the best in the business. Above all, we’re passionate about what we do.

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