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False Widow Spider Bite leads to Meningitis

Man contracts viral meningitis after receiving a False Widow spider bite

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This week, Talk to the Press help dad of three share his story in the press after he contracted MENINGITIS from a False Widow spider bite in his kitchen. The bite from the UK’s most feared and venomous spider left him hospitalised and fighting for his life.

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False Widow spider bite left me in hospital fighting Meningitis!

Last week, we helped dad-of-three David Garstang, 29, share his story in the press after he suffered from a False Widow spider bite in his kitchen – and caught meningitis as a result.

David, who works in recruitment, reached out to us after the bite saw his foot ‘double in size’ and left him hospitalised and afraid for his life.

Incredibly, the dad pulled through, and we placed his tale in the Daily Star on Sunday – just in time to warn others to watch out for the eight-legged creatures this autumn.

David was thrilled with the coverage and fee he received for his story – and was happy to take something positive from his ordeal.


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Featured image: Ian Burt False Widow Spider – Steatoda nobilis

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