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Are you a local newspaper reporter? Earn extra money with Talk to the Press

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Here at Talk to the Press, we have a network of contacts who help us find stories, or put us in touch with people who would like to see their story in national newspapers and magazines. A number of them are local reporters working on local newspapers.

Often, they find people they have interviewed for their papers suddenly have national newspaper journalists interested in their story. At that point, they direct them to us to ensure their story is dealt with properly and sensitively, and to ensure they recieve a fee for their story.

And the extra bonus is that we also pay the local reporter who puts us in touch with the storyteller!

So if you’re a local reporter, and someone you’ve worked with needs help handling press attention, or would like to see their story in a national newspaper as well as a local paper, then get in touch with us to find out more. Email us on

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