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If you are in a relationship with someone and your friends and family don’t approve or understand, we can help you share your side of the story. Find out how to sell your love story right here.

Last weekend, we helped mum of one Katie Menham tell her story in the Sunday People – after she controversially admitted she’d fallen for a convicted murderer on Death Row. If you wanted to know how to sell your love story to the press, you’re in the right place.

TTTP Katie Menham, 25, from Malmesbury, Wiltshire, who has been a pen pal with Julius Bradford, a convicted murderer on death row in Nevada, USA. May 20 2016.

Katie told Talk to the Press writer Amy how she started writing to Julius Bradford, who has been incarcerated on Death Row at High Desert State Prison, Nevada, for 13 years, in January. But in the five months that followed, she developed feelings for Bradford and became fascinated by his case.

So much so that in April she split with her partner of two years – with whom she’d planned a long-term future – to commit to her blossoming romance with Bradford and focus on his upcoming appeal.

Now, she is fundraising to aid Bradford’s appeal, and hopes that marriage and children are in their future if he is freed.

She said: “You can’t help who you fall for. I don’t expect everyone to understand it and I’m not condoning Julius’ crimes, but I take people as I find them – and what I see is an intelligent, thoughtful person who got into the wrong crowd.

“I will do everything in my power to get him his freedom so we can focus on our future together.”

Amy placed Katie’s story in the Sunday People – where it appeared on the front page and inside as a spread – and secured the mum an excellent fee.

She also made sure Katie received a full readback prior to publication to guarantee she was happy with the final piece. Now, the mum – who was thrilled with the sensitive coverage of her campaign – has follow-up deals with two women’s magazines.

TTTP Katie Menham, 25, from Malmesbury, Wiltshire, who has been a pen pal with Julius Bradford, a convicted murderer on death row in Nevada, USA. May 20 2016.

If, like Katie, you have been in a relationship with someone your friends and family do not approve of, get in touch. We can make sure your story is told sensitively and that it appears in the most fitting publication for it.

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You only need to provide a few details at this point. Everything is confidential and you do not have to go ahead with the offer we secure you unless you are 100% happy with it.  For more information see our Sell My Story page, or check out some recent clients on the main Talk to the Press page.

It’s our job to protect you, make sure you remain in control of your story and offer free advice. So don’t hesitate, message us using the Story Valuation form, or give us a call on 0207 549 5428 and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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