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Betrayed by My Wife

lenny pageBetrayed by My Wife! Have you suffered the ultimate betrayal by a family member, a loved one, even your wife or husband?  When we heard from Lenny Walters who tragically found out the heartbreaking truth that his dying wife had previously stolen huge sums of money from him, we knew that his story was worth sharing.

As his wife was dying from ­cancer, devastated Lenny Walters made the difficult trip to tell the bank – only to find she had been running up huge debts behind his back for years.

His beloved Joyce had forged his ­signature on two separate occasions to add £48,000 to their joint mortgage and then frittered it away. She died months after she confessed to the loans, leaving her husband of 29 years facing homelessness and ruin.

By the time fishmonger Lenny, 62, had returned from the bank in March 2008, Joyce had moved out of the family home for good. A few weeks later she wrote him an emotional letter begging forgiveness in the final months of her life – but he could not forget the cruel way he had been betrayed. She died six months later.

He is now being forced to sell his family home of 33 years to cover the crippling debt. He said: “This is a woman I shared half of my life with, who I thought I knew inside out and who I ­trusted implicitly. To think she could steal from me with such ease is hard to get my head around. ­Although she
was dying of cancer, I couldn’t bring myself to forgive her. No words can describe the pain I felt.”

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