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Britain’s Biggest Natural Breasts – My Hell

Anola Browne Sun spread

Anola Brown has Britain’s Biggest Natural Breasts, but they are making her life hell and the NHS will do Nothing

When our client Anola Browne contacted us explaining how her 34LL breasts were ruining her life, we were happy to help her get the story published in the national press to raise awareness of her cause.

Some people might thing that having Britain’s Biggest Natural Breasts would be a blessing, but the 31-year-old had been suffering from severe back pain since her breasts started growing age 13, and despite seven desperate trips to her GP, was rejected for a reduction operation because she was classed as ‘overweight’. Most men adore her curvy figure but the security guard says her breasts are destroying her relationships and life.

Her all natural 34LL chest has not stopped growing since she was a teenager and she is now so self concious she refuses to be seen naked by partners. Many women would enjoy flaunting Anola’s hourglass, size 12 frame. but her confidence has been completely shattered by her ever-growing chest.

Since her last relationship ended ten years ago, Anola has been afraid to get close to someone – and she hasn’t had sex for five years because of her breasts. The mum-of-one hates her single life and would love a boyfriend, but feels she can only be confident once her breasts are gone.

Desperate for a reduction, Anola went to see her GP seven times but was turned down because she was classed as overweight. NHS guidelines consider her 12st 7lb body with a BMI of 28, to be overweight. To fit the criteria for a surgery, the NHS requires a patient to have a BMI of 27 or less.

As well as dealing with excruciating back pain on a daily basis, Anola also suffers with hyper mobility syndrome – an agonising joint condition made worse by her heavy breasts. She takes painkillers every day to cope with the discomfort and says she would do anything to get rid of her chest. But this wasn’t always the case and as a child, she was teased by her two older brothers for being flat-chested.

As a little girl, Anola would spend nights on end wishing her chest would grow and at 13, her wish came true. But her dream quickly turned to a nightmare and by the age of 14, her breasts were bigger than her mums. At 21 she wore a size 8 dress even though her breasts were a 34 E. Her chest was growing so quickly that Anola was spending a fortune on bras and was constantly popping out of them. She even had to have her bras specially made when they got too big to fit branded underwear.

After she had her son in 2004, she hoped that losing baby weight would shed some weight from her breasts. Unfortunately, nothing changed and her breasts continued to grow leaving her too big for a 34LL bra. As her chest is so big, the petite brunette has to squeeze into a size 22 shirt to fit her chest, despite being a dress size 12. Even after she started cycling 10 miles every day, her extra flab turned to muscle leaving her heavier than before.

Anola feels powerless in the face of her daily agony. She said: “My chest has got me down so much that I’ve considered having them completely off. I’ma  single mother and want to give my son the best of everything so I can’t afford to go privately.

“I’ve worked hard all my life and paid tax so it’s distressing that the NHS will not do this surgery for me. I’ve just been left on my own to deal with this. It’s no quality of life.”

After speaking to Anola, we knew hers was a story that could be placed in a national newspaper.  We know the magazine and newspaper industry inside-out so the feature was placed as a fun piece in The Sun because we knew it would be used as a page.  This meant that, more importantly, the feature helped Anola raise awareness and offer comfort to other women experiencing health problems because of their breasts.  We hope it will also make the NHS reconsider their ridiculous box-ticking criteria that rules people like Anola out of getting the help they deserve.

TTTP are now negotiating with women’s magazines to secure Anola another deal and we have been contacted by ITV’s This Morning who would like to talk to her live.

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