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Celebrity wedding story: Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

Do you have celebrity wedding story?  Talk to the Press worked on the story in The Sunday Mirror re Mark Wright being a ‘groomzilla’ in the build up to his big day.

Last week we received an anonymous tip-off from an insider close to Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan regarding their lavish wedding this weekend.

The tipster told us how in the build up to the wedding Mark became a “wheeler-dealer” trying to blag freebies for his wedding. Incredibly, the ex-TOWIE star claimed to be as famous as A-lister George Clooney and insisted his wedding would be as high profile as the actor’s recent nuptials.

MarkWrightSundayMirrorA source close to the couple told how the star paid a fraction of the cost for flowers, clothing and a top venue – thanks to his celebrity status. According the our source, he boasted of his ability to blag free goods because of his star status – including a luxury honeymoon to Dubai in return for free publicity.

He also bragged that he could secure Grammy-winning singer Adele to perform at Sunday’s event – but failed. What’s more, our source claimed his wedding planners got so fed up with his high maintenance demands that they walked away just days before he tied the knot.

We placed the tip with The Sunday Mirror but made sure our source remained anonymous. The story appeared on the front page and as a spread inside. The tipster received thousands for their story and were very pleased with the finish piece.


Remaining anonymous when sending a tip-off to a newspaper

When it comes to tips on celebrities a lot of people prefer to stay anonymous. Obviously, if you go on record you’ll receive a higher fee but for some people this is not an option due to their relationship with the celebrity.

Even if you do wish to remain anonymous, we can still push for a high fee whilst protecting your identity from being published. By using an intermediary such as Talk to the Press, you will ensure there are no slip-ups and your name will never appear in print. We will also read the final copy back to put your mind at ease that there’s nothing in there which will identify you.

If you send us a tip-off, nothing will ever be printed without your permission, so you don’t need to worry about finding yourself in the press.  We protect all of our tipsters and will only print your name if you want us to.


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But we’re here to protect you and your best needs so get in touch and we’ll let you know if it’s something we can help with.

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You can read more about anonymous tip-offs on here: Sell my story anonymously.

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