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Closer magazine out today – I’m going to finishing school to become a real lady

This week Danielle Hallett’s story about her £60,000 sex change appeared in Closer magazine. Danielle, who was born Darren, first realised she was trapped inside the wrong body when she was five years old but worried about what her family and friends reaction would be so refused to acknowledge her true identity.

It wasn’t until 2001, that Danielle, now 42, was diagnosed with gender dismorphia and since then she’s spent thousands on learning how to be a woman, including £6,000 on finishing school classes where she is taught how to walk like a lady.

On top of that, Danielle has spent £30,000 on a designer wardrobe, £15,000 on hair transplants, £3,000 on cosmetics, £1,500 on lessons with a voice coach and £1,200 on a beauty course to learn how to do the perfect manicure.

Next year Danielle is planning to undergo another £30,000 worth of surgery including a boob job, a new face – including forehead, cheek and nose implants.
While some would be daunted by such a series of operations, Danielle says she can’t wait: ‘I’m looking forward to finally looking the same as I feel inside.’

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