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Yesterday we received sad news that TV personality and producer David Gest had passed away.

According to our source, David Gest had allegedly been dead for two days in his hotel room before security at the Four Seasons Hotel in Canary Wharf found him.

We passed the information onto our close contacts at The Sun – who were already working on the story but were keen to talk to our tipster to gather more information. Last week, details from our tip appeared in a double page spread in the paper.

Because of the sensitive nature of any death, Talk to the Press ensure that any information you pass over to us is handled sensitively and discreetly.  We realise that our sources profiting from a tragedy may be viewed dimly by some, but it is our job to bring news to the national press and we rely on our tipsters and sources to bring the news to the public. We always insist on paying our contributors fairly, no matter what the story.


Whatever your story or information, we always make sure it is handled in a sensitive and appropriate manner.  If you wish to stay anonymous, we protect our sources closely and ensure that you will never be named.

If the story is about you, we’ll make sure that your story is told YOUR way and that you get a full read-back before it’s sent to the publication.

Our service is free and we ensure you get the maximum fee possible by shopping around to see who will pay the most for your story or information.  We only deal with editors and senior reporters on each publication, meaning we can get offers and answers from the newspapers straight away.

If you would like to learn more about how Talk to the Press can help you sell a story to the press, see our Sell My StoryHow it Works page.  If you want to contact the press with a front page story right now, use the story valuation form on this page.

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