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Couple share their happy love story with the Sunday Mirror

We love a good love story at Talk to the Press, and when Gavin Jenkins and his wife Gisele got in touch with us we knew a newspaper would be interested in their story. The couple, who tied the knot in November 2010 after a three year romance, owe their wedded bliss to a Facebook application.

When Brazilian Gisele uploaded her picture to Facebook’s ‘Hot or Not’ she never imagined that 5,000 miles away in South Wales, the man of her dreams was downloading the very same application and that it would lead to love. Gavin, thankfully, voted Gisele Hot, and quickly sent her a message telling her she had a beautiful smile.

After months of getting to know each other, Gisele’s job working for an airline brought her to the UK and she travelled to Wales to meet Gavin. It was love at first sight and in October 2009 Gavin surprised Gisele with a stunning emerald and diamond engagement ring.

Gisele says: “I always used to mock my friends who would look for love on the internet and I never would have imagined that’s how I’d meet my husband. Uploading that picture was the best thing I ever did.”

On reading his story yesterday, Gavin emailed us and said “Well done, you did a great job! We’re famous all over Brazil – everyone has been reading it back in Rio.”

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