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Couple share their incredible weight loss story with Now magazine

Just a year ago Emily Elliot, 30, and her husband Stuart, 32, were both very overweight. Emily weighed almost 14 stone while her husband was more than 23 stone and they used to kid themselves they ate fairly healthily, when in reality they would pig out on takeaways and sugary snacks.

Fed up with not being able to fit into nice clothes, Emily, then a size 18, decided to try the Cambridge Weight Plan after a colleague successfully lost weight on the diet, and she was thrilled when Stuart asked to join her.

A year on the couple have lost an incredible 12 stone between them and Emily is now a trim size 10, while her husband has shed more than a third of his body weight.

Emily and Stuart’s inspirational story appears in this week’s Now Magazine, and they also got a chance to take part in a glossy photo shoot for the piece. We have also secured them a deal with Real People magazine.

At Talk to the Press, we are always looking for incredible weight loss stories. If you have an experience similar to Emily and Stuart’s, email us at message@talktothepress.com.

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