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Coverage in newspapers, magazines and on television for one of the smallest premature babies to survive – EVER

This week, our clients Kate and Renato Douse have appeared in the Sun, on ITV News (left) and they will soon be appearing in two women’s magazines too.

The couple got in touch in order to share their incredible story of their twins born at 23 weeks. Although one twin, Isabelle, sadly died, her sister Maddalena, is now thriving.

When Maddalena was first born, she appeared to weigh 1lb, the minumum weight for a baby to be considered viable. This meant doctor’s fought to save her life.

Only when she was safely on a ventilator did medics discover that a pair of scisors had been accidentally left on the scales, and that 8 inch Maddalena in fact weeighed only 382 grams. Had they know this, her life would have been allowed to ebb away.

The lucky baby has now been discharged from hospital just in time for Christmas and not surprisingly, her parents consider Maddalena their little miracle.

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