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Denise Lamb’s story appears in this week’s Best magazine

Denise’s story appears in Best magazine

This week, Denise Lamb’s remarkable story about life with her transgender ex-husband appears in Best magazine.
In the interview, Denise talks movingly about discovering her former tank driver husband actually felt he was trapped inside the wrong body and how she coped when he announced he was having a sex change.

After 19 years of marriage David began the process of becoming Louise and started to take hormones which made his hair grow long. He had breast augmentation to take him to a 38DD followed by gender re-assignment surgery which saw his penis removed and a vagina constructed.

Denise has always remained by Louise’s side and though they have gone through a divorce, the pair still live together at what was once their marital home.

Denise says though she has lost David she has gained a sister. The couple’s story is soon to appear in Real People magazine, too.

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