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Do you have an anonymous newspaper tip-off? We’ll pay you for it!

Would you like to get paid for providing an anonymous newspaper tip-off?

JermaineDefoeIf you have a tip on a sports star, celebrity, politician, or someone else in the public eye, Talk to the Press will help you get it into the papers – and secure you a great fee.

On Sunday we broke a story about premiership footballer Jermain Defoe in a spread in the Sunday Mirror.

Our client Jack* got in touch when he learned that his friend Tony’s wife had left him on Valentine’s Day for ex-England footballer Jermain Defoe.

Exotic dancer Rachel Calvert dumped her husband and dad of her child Tony outside Asda on Valentine’s Day – because she’d been seeing the Sunderland striker.

After hearing about his mate’s betrayal, Jack called in and spoke to Talk to the Press writer Amy about the tip last week.

During their chat, Amy asked Jack for the details about Rachel Calvert’s fling with Defoe. She explained that he could remain anonymous and assured him that his tip would remain confidential until we got him an offer he was happy to go ahead with.

Within hours, we placed the story with Sunday Mirror and secured Jack a great fee.


If like Jack you have a tip about a celeb or sports star, here’s a little info about how the process works:

When you contact Talk to the Press, one of our experienced writers will speak to you over the phone and take down the details on your story.

In order for us to estimate the value of your tip, we’ll need to know who the celebrity in question is – and see any evidence you have to back up what you’re saying.

Often clients are worried about sending over pictures, videos or documents because they’re afraid we could run the story without your permission.

This would never happen. By coming through a reputable agency like Talk to the Press, you remain in control of your story, meaning your tip will remain confidential until you say otherwise.

As a press agency our job is to protect YOU, and nothing would go ahead without your permission. The writer will be happy to email you a confidentiality agreement which puts this promise in writing.

Once you’ve sent over all the relevant information, we will be able to speak to our contacts to secure you a formal offer.

We work alongside all the national papers and will make sure your story goes to the publication that’s most suitable and can offer the highest fee for it.

When pitching a story, we bypass junior reporters and speak with senior editors who have the power to make quick decisions and offer big payments – so we can usually get you an offer within hours.

From there, we will give you a call and run it by you. You are not obliged to go through with the deal we secure you, and if you change your mind at this point all your information and details would remain confidential.

Once you’ve formally agreed to an offer, the writer get to work on writing the piece.

If you are going ‘on the record’ (i.e. happy to be named and pictured) we may also need to set up a photo shoot.

We also offer all our clients a full read back of their story before it goes to print.

When it’s printed, you’ll be paid!


To contact us, simply call the story hotline, or complete the Story Valuation form on this page (make sure you leave contact details so that we can reach you).  Everything you send us is completely confidential and is for valuation purposes only. Nothing you send us will ever be shared with anybody else unless you are happy with the offer and have given us the go-ahead.

To read more about selling a story to the press anonymously, you can visit the following page: Sell My Story Anonymously

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