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Do you regret a drunken tattoo? What about one of a penis like this chap?!

Lots of people regret a drunken tattoo, but when you get a tattoo of a penis, it’s a whole lot worse!

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If you regret a drunken tattoo that turned out to be horrific, and you don’t mind making fun of yourself, get in touch and see how much you could earn for sharing a photo of you and your ‘tat’.

At Talk to the Press we see a lot things every day and like to think we are unshockable. However, when Stuart Valentino got in touch regarding his penis tattoo we couldn’t believe it!

Lorry driver Stuart, 34, from Portsmouth, did the tattoo for a prank with his best pal Danny in December 2014.

He’s tattooed it on himself using a tattoo gun his wife Samantha, 35, had bought him for Christmas. The dad of four was drunk at the time and didn’t realise how it would go onto ruin his life.

His friend Danny was supposed to get a tattooed inked on himself too, but chickened out after he saw Stuart’s.

Initially, the penis was only supposed to be a few inches long but it ended up being 6.5 inches long and a couple of inches wide. When Stuart’s wife woke up in the morning she noticed it poking out of his shorts and screamed!

Naturally, she was furious at her husband but didn’t realise just how much she would come to hate it.

In the weeks and months that followed, the pair tried to take their youngest daughter swimming but Samantha says it was ‘too embarrassing’ with Stuart’s tattoo poking out that she banned him from going. What’s more, every time it was a hot day or the pair were preparing to go away somewhere hot Samantha would worry about how other holidaymakers would respond to his tattoo. Sadly, the pair began to argue and last month Samantha walked out on Stuart.

Although Stuart has considered getting the tattoo lasered off, the was quote £1,000 and couldn’t afford it. But after we placed Stuart’s story exclusively with The Sun a company in his local area have got in touch and have offered to remove it for free!

Stuart is delighted and once back from holiday will go ahead with the procedure.


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