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Do you want to sell a story on a Britain’s Got Talent finalist?

Find out how to sell a story on a Britain’s Got Talent finalist…

This week ITV’s popular show Britain’s Got Talent will draw to an end and one of the final contestants will be crowned the winner.

Below are the following acts who have made it into the finals:

–          Ella Shaw

–          IMD Legion

–          Gracie Wickens

–          Dylan Byrd

–          UDI

–          The Sakyi Five

–          Jamie Raven

–          Narinder Dhani

–          The Kingdom Tenors

Stories on contestants from BGT (Britain’s Got Talent) and X Factor are really popular and can go for thousands if they make the front page of The Sun or The Mirror.  They can be funny stories, lighthearted stories, gritty stories or pretty much anything else.

If you’ve got information on one of the finalists in BGT and want to sell your story to The Sun or The Mirror, send us an email using the story valuation form on this page to find out how much  it’s worth.

The Talk to the Press team will negotiate the highest fee for you and make sure you’re happy with the finished piece by reading the copy back to you before it goes to press.

What’s more, if you wish to remain anonymous we can ensure that too.

We’ve broken a number of stories on contestants on popular ITV shows and all of our case studies and tipsters have been well looked after.

A lot of people are scared to contact papers directly, in case their tips are taken and they’re not paid for their story, or not paid what they’re originally promised for their story.

With us, we ensure that the offer we secure you is what you actually get paid.


Tips on contestants in BGT are ‘time sensitive’ so it’s important to sell your story whilst the show in still on

Whereas some stories aren’t time sensitive and can run at any time, stories on contestants in GBT are extremely time sensitive.

The reality is, papers and magazines only care about the contestants whilst the show is ongoing – as soon as they’re booted off or the show finishes the interest in them will instantly drop.

This may sound harsh, but it’s the reality with all of these programmes – unless they win or become a star off the back of the show.

Sometimes people have great tips but contact us one or two weeks after the show has finished. If the tip is really good and, the media are still interested in the person, then they might work – but the money will be significantly lower.

If that contestant has already fallen out of the lime light then we won’t be able to place your tip or story anywhere.

So don’t take the risk. If you think you’ve got a story which is news worthy, strike whilst the iron is hot and find out how much it’s worth.

You’re not obliged to go through with anything until we’ve secured you an offer you’re happy with and everything is completely confidential until you’ve agreed to go ahead.

There’s only a few days left until the final show, so don’t waste any time. Find out how much your story is worth and give us a call!


If you have a different story to sell to the press you can read more at our sell my story page.  Or, if you are concerned about keeping your anonymity, read our how to sell my story an remain anonymous page.

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