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Dog lover’s story puts a smile on our faces

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Dog Lover ImageWhen Karen Chamberlain told us about her love of her six bulldogs, we knew a magazine would be interested in her story.

Karen, who considers herself a mum to Angel Star, Scarlet Sky, Lil Belle, Lady Lola, Princess Tia and baby Gracie, has been fanatical about bulldogs for the past ten years and has lavished her pooches with more than £30,000 of luxury food, clothes, vitamins, supplements, fun days out and trips to the grooming parlour.

Karen and her partner Peter spend up to £1,000 a month on the bulldogs and love nothing more than dressing the girls up. They even have their own wardrobe which is bursting with dresses, tutus and tiaras – which ensures they turn heads as they go for walks along the beach.

Karen’s story really put a smile on our face. It appears in Bella magazine this week.

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