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I’m one of the UK’s first paid egg donors

In April, the NHS introduced a fixed sum of £750 compensation for egg donors and Danielle Pearson, 30, got in touch with us because wanted to share her story of becoming one of the first women to be paid for egg donation in UK. Her aim through sharing her story is to encourage more donors to come forward.

Most egg donors in the UK are women who need fertility treatment themselves, but Danielle did it for purely altruistic reasons. Danielle kept a diary of her treatment, which this week she shared with the Sun newspaper. After the story was published she said: ‘You guys did such a good job on the story – thank you so much.’

Danielle says that since having her own son Harry, now 2, she’s realised what a difference egg donation would make in someone’s life, and she would have done it without payment. Danielle started the process in June this year, with the full support of her husband Tom, 26, who agreed she was giving someone an amazing gift. Although both she and the recipient remain anonymous, in nine months Danielle will be able to find out if a baby has been born as a result.

When the child turns 18, he or she will legally be able to track down Danielle, and she is fine with this. She says everyone has a right to know where they come from.

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