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Extreme career change!


Have you got an unusual career or have changed your life dramatically with an extreme career change?

We love to hear from people who have dramatically changed their careers! Most of us always talk about doing it but very few people have the guts to drop their steady jobs and just go for it!  If you’ve taken an extreme career change, we’d love to hear from you.

So when Katy Delaney got in touch about quitting her bar job and becoming a sideshow performer we knew a mag would love to share her story.

Katy, now 23, swapped picking up glasses for eating and jumping on broken glass instead! Er, on top of that, brave Katy learnt how to breathe fire, staple her skin, pour candle wax on herself, hammer nails onto her nose and put a running drill through her nose.

Scary right?! Thrill-seeking Katy admits that’s her job could cost her her life if done wrong. To ensure she stays safe, she trains for several hours a day to perfect the act. She insists there are no tricks in her performances, it’s all down to skill.

After hearing all about Katy’s fabulous job we thought it suited Fabulous mag – the Sun on Sunday’s mag supplement.

Last month, it appeared in there and Katy was chuffed with it.


Are you considering selling your story? What to know if you’re getting the best deal for it?

We secure the best deals for our clients by taking their story to the right section on the right publication.  For instance, Katy’s story was right for a glossy publication such as Fabulous – but not right for a paper like the Daily Mail.

If you contact publications directly with your story, you may not be pitching to the right department or the right paper – so the person on the other side of the phone may tell you you don’t have a story, when you actually do!

Because of this, it’s important to speak to our team who are qualified media experts who will ensure your story is being pitched to the right publication.

A lot of people get in touch and say ‘I’ve already spoken to a paper and they told me I don’t have a story, but I just wanted to double check’. Most of the time, they DO have a story – they’ve just taken it to the wrong publication.

To ensure we are securing you the best offer, we decide which publication it suits best and what section to pitch it to.  We have direct lines to ever department on every national magazine and newspaper in the country.

Some stories are topical and are more ‘newsy’ and others aren’t time sensitive but would make an excellent feature. So when we pitch a story it’s imperative to know all the facts so we’re sure we are pitching it to the right publication and the right section on that publication.

Generally, we try to get you a multi-media deal. Our first port of call is to place it exclusively with a Sunday paper (mainly because they pay the best).

Once it’s run we’ll syndicate it on our news wires – meaning any publication online or in print can pick it up and run it the following day.

Once we’ve exhausted the newspaper market, we’ll raise it with our contacts at daytime TV shows such as This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Lorraine and Loose Women.

You can find out more about our free story valuations here.  In addition, you can check to see what type of stories we are looking for on our ‘do I have a story?’ page.

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