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Do you need help handling press attention?  Are you caught in a media storm, or are you thinking of selling your story?  Are the press on your doorstep, and are you wondering what to do?

As well as breaking ‘kiss and tells’, celeb exposés and first person real life stories, Talk to the Press also represents a number of people who have unexpectedly found themselves under the media spotlight.

Last year, Talk to the Press editor Georgette represented Maria, sister of ‘female serial killer’ Joanna Dennehy and child murderer Mark Bridger’s eldest son. Both were caught up in a media storm through no fault of their own and found it a difficult and scary world to handle.

Georgette worked closely with both families, advising them on their media journey and negotiating high fees for any interviews they gave.

Most recently, Talk to the Press represented Hollie Gazzard’s family. In a story that shocked the nation, CCTV captured Asher Maslin, 23, trading in a DVD player to get cash to buy a 12 inch kitchen knife before heading over to Hollie’s place of work and stabbing her to death.

The Gazzards were being hounded by the press and wanted us to take control to ease the pressure of speaking to the media. Despite losing their beloved daughter in the most tragic of circumstances, the Gazzards wanted to speak out about their daughter’s death to raise awareness for other domestic violence victims and are now campaigning for change.

Whether you’re a victim of a crime, have been caught up in a major news event, or just want to raise awareness in a desperate situation – we’re here to help.

If you’re one of these three and are being hounded by the press or just want some free confidential advice – we are media experts and will assist you every step of the way.  You can download our free press guide that may help steer you in the right direction and put your mind to rest.

If you would like us to represent you, once you’ve signed an electronic contract saying you’re happy for us to represent you, we will make contact with every media outlet to let them know we’re representing you and to come through us regarding any of their media enquiries. That way, any pesky journalists hounding you outside your house will go away and know the only way they’ll get an interview, statement or press release is through Talk to the Press.

When tragedy results in headlines we cannot begin to imagine what the victim, or family of a victim, have gone through – but we can help ease the pressure when it comes to the media.

We pride ourselves on our ethics and high standards, and work around the clock to ensure our clients are looked after and kept in the loop.

All of our writers are NCTJ accredited and are happy to go through your copy, press release or statement with a fine-tooth comb to ensure you’re 100 per cent happy with it before it goes to press.

To find out if we can help you call us on 0207 549 5406, or just drop us a message through our Story Valuation form on the right hand side (even if you’re not looking for a story valuation, this form is sent directly to our press department) and one of our friendly, dedicated team will get back to you.

Everything is completely confidential and free at this stage and you’re not obliged to go through with anything. We can give you quick advice and help you along your media journey – whatever your goals or aims may be.


If you are seeking more information about press rules and regulations, visit the Independent Press Standards Organisation website here.

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